10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

  1. Lets Talk--Talk with your child. If we talk early and often with our children, providing them with information and behaving in ways that reflect our values and beliefs, they will come to us first before going elsewhere for information.
  2. Reach for the Sky--Set high but realistic expectations. Taking some time to really look at our children and notice their strengths, talents, and interests, as well as areas where they need assistance, will help develop realistic self-expectations, thus making them feel and be successful.
  3. I'm OK, You're OK--Build your child's self-esteem and confidence. As children act independently, make choices and mistakes, they learn and grow. Thinking positively about accepting our children unconditionally as they move through this process helps them develop a positive self-concept.
  4. An Apple a Day--Keep your child healthy. It is important for children to come to school emotionally, physically, and socially healthy. When children feel good about themselves, are well rested, and well nourished they are more ready to learn.
  5. Parents, the First Teachers--Support learning at home. In today's changing economy the need for advanced skills and technical knowledge is growing. Showing our children that we value learning and education is important and will pay off in the long run as they mature.
  6. Getting Connected!--Communicate with your child's school. Frequent communication with your children's teachers and school is the key to academic success. Attending parent-teacher conferences, school events, and PTA meetings, and sending notes or e-mail messages to pertinent school staff helps foster good relationships that support your children's learning.
  7. Oh, the Places We'll Go!--Encourage exploration and discovery. The world is your children's oyster. By encouraging your children to develop their interests and seek out opportunities to try new things to help them make the most of the world around them.
  8. Circle of Friends--Help your child develop good relationships. All children want to fit in, be accepted, and feel like they belong. Helping your children develop good relationships can have a positive impact on their future development.
  9. Stayin' Alive--Keep your child safe. By identifying potential risks and giving clear instructions to your children on how to avoid such risks, children can side step danger by knowing what to do in threatening situations. Talking to children about safety also increases their understanding of violence and the need for practicing behaviors.
  10. Can I Help?--Participate in community service. Your children's knowledge and talents, while nourished in the classroom, are recognized when put to good use. Children learn valuable lessons when helping others through volunteerism and community service.

Reprinted from the National PTA


Rogers follows the District approved Curriculum which is aligned to meet Missouri State Standards. Our curriculum provides an emphasis on academic excellence for all students. Some of our programs designed to enhance the curriculum are Guided Reading, Reading Counts, and Scholastic Reading Inventory.

Enrichment Activities

In order to supplement learning in the classroom Rogers offers several programs designed to assist student learning. These include tutoring, peer tutoring, D.A.R.E., reading incentive programs, an after school tutoring program, Chess club, Girls on the Run, Bell Choir, and Student Leadership.

Gifted Programs

Rogers offers programs for gifted students. The Stretch program is for students who are advanced academically and creatively. Students must be recommended for each program and are tested to see if they are qualified.

Guided Reading

The Rogers kindergarteners, first and second graders are participating in a Guided Reading Program. Students are reading books at their comfort level in small groups guided by the teacher. When not meeting with the teacher, the students are engaged in literacy centers. 

Special Education

For students who need special educational services, Rogers offers two self-contained special education classrooms. Occupational and physical therapy services are available, and the school uses a Care Team to assist with student assessment. One of the self-contained classrooms are implementing the READ 180 remedial reading program. Resource teachers are also available to supplement classroom instruction.

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