Octobers Meeting Minutes 

October 11, 2018

7:00-8:00 PM

Rogers Elementary School Library

7700 Fine Road, St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Introductions and Welcome

  1. Students of the Month

    1. Kindergarten - Max Alton

    2. 1st - Noah Walters

    3. 2nd - Alisa Ratkovic

    4. 3rd - Charleigh James

    5. 4th - Melinda Bajric

    6. 5th - Elizabeth Adams

  1. Bob Dillon - Author of The Space: A Guide for Educators

Designing a Nurturing Learning Environment

Intentional classroom design supports all learners, in a time when stress, anxiety, and screen-generated pressures are filling our classrooms, it is essential that teachers, schools, and districts are thinking about how to mold their learning space to leverage high achievement and success. This conversation looks at some of the essential principles of space design and provides an overview of how schools are using this work to build amazing places of learning.

Mr. Dillon has worked with many different districts and helps teachers be intentional with the design of their classroom.  He asked questions; why do we need this chair or why is the table there? A space for design knows from research what it takes for kids to love to learn – and enjoy.  Everything is about intentionality, slow down and notice. All kids want to do it move, we can’t expect them to stay in desk. Classrooms should make kids have a sense of wonder, play, curiosity, creative (comes with movement and choice).  They need space for collaboration, space for quiet. The teachers will need to have student/ parent feedback every two weeks.

Decorator mindset- there is a point where there is TOO MUCH. Teachers should take pictures and explain what’s going on.  He will be here to help look at the perimeter of the room, floor plan,

Verbs of the classroom - Design Build Transform, Everything has an expiration date.  

  1. Approval of September’s Minutes – Dana Altenbernd Approved and Jessica North  second

  1. Treasurer’s Report and Committee Reports

    1. Treasurer- Paula Buchanan  

      1. Start of the year $32,700

      2. Currently $42,000

      3. Approved a teacher grant for $180 for the 3rd grade Veterans  Breakfast

    2. Fundraising - Linda Hartsell

      1. $5000 with the buyout – not the goal

        1. Popcorn – fall fundraiser

    3. Communications- Lori Tillman

      1. Kids Night Out flyer will go home next week

      2. 1st-grade Muffins With Mom will be Friday, October 26th

    4. School Events- Meredith Alton

      1. Trunk or Treat is next week Oct 19 an email will go out this weekend with details and parking spots.  

      2. Father/Daughter dance is being worked on.

  1. New Business

    1. Teachers’ Lounge Update - Amy Henry

      1. Design #3 won

        1. An email will go out with a teacher “wish” list and sign up will be coming out for families to donate money or time.

  1. An Update From Dr. Keenoy

    1. Very happy to have Bob Dillan to help out the school with learning spaces

    2. Chrome books arrived and Rogers is now 1-to-1 school in grades 1-5.  Everyone is very happy with them.

  1. Closing

    1. Introduce RPO members

Next meeting November 1, 2018, 7 PM

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