Second Grade

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When your child is in second grade they will participate in several fun events. We go on two field trips a year thanks to RPO’s generosity. We attend a field trip in the fall to the Humane Society where students learn how to be responsible for a pet and we donate items to the shelter. In the spring second grade attends a field trip to the Transportation Museum as part of our Social Studies unit on transportation.

Throughout the year we practice fast facts with the help of a program called Rocket Math that is currently being used in both first and second grade. In second grade students attempt to pass all 26 addition and 26 subtraction fast fact tests throughout the year. Also in Math we learn how to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers we also teach time, money, measurement, data analysis, as well as an introduction to basic geometry and fractions.

In Science students become familiar with the steps in the scientific process, matter, sound, rocks and soil, force and motion, and life science. Students complete several science experiments including what happens when you soak a gummy bear in different liquids, and how can you make a gummy worm grow longer. We also learn how to use a thermometer, balance, ruler, and magnifying glass.

In Social Studies students learn map skills, including the names of the oceans and continents. Students learn about people long ago including the Woodland and Eastern Indians. Students learn the basics of government and how to barter and trade in the marketplace with a real bartering day in the spring.

In Reading students are placed in reading groups and use a reading notebook to record their thinking while reading books on their independent level and instructional level. We cover fiction, nonfiction, characters feelings, predicting, fact/opinion, cause/effect and many other higher level thinking skills. We encourage students to take reading counts quizzes to improve their understanding of the stories that they read both in school and at home.

In Writing students learn how to revise, edit, and publish a piece of writing. Students complete many pieces of writing in second grade including letters, fiction, nonfiction, informational, opinion, and expanding or telling more when writing our stories. Students create a memory book and journal in second grade as well.

December is an especially busy month for us as we make gingerbread houses, search for our lost gingerbread boy who runs away from us, and perform in the winter concert at Nottelman.

Each February students are in charge of school wide heart to heart grams. We advertise, count, sell, and donate the money to a local charity or family in need.

We love our students and work very hard to offer them our love and support each and every day.

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