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November 1, 2018 7:00-8:00 PM Rogers Elementary School Library 7700 Fine Road, St. Louis, Missouri Introductions and Welcome Students of the Month Kindergarten - Nolan Smith 1st - Stacey Townsley 2nd - Grant Stumpf 3rd - Scout Blagg 4th - Elle Randolph 5th - Annabelle Smith Approval of October’s Minutes Treasurer’s Report and Committee Reports Treasurer - Paula Buchanan   Fundraising - Linda Hartsell 30 students participated in the popcorn fundraiser 131 items sold ($2067) $800 estimated profit Pick-up for the popcorn is November 15 We will have a spring fundraiser in February Communications - Lori Tillman 3rd Grade Muffins with Mom form went home today - due November 15th PJs and Pancakes with Santa and Elf Shelf went home today - due November 16th School Events - update from a board member Muffins with Mom for 2nd grade is November 16th - forms due tomorrow Kids Night Out i November 9th - forms due tomorrow New Business School Events Coordinator Ellen Smith voted into the role Muffins with Mom Will cost $1500-$1800 this year. Is this how RPO should spend the money? Asked for ideas from the parents in attendance Ask for places to donate the food Ellen Smith with check with Trautwein for what they do Ask for $5.00 donation Ask for moms to only attend one of the Muffins with Mom, if you have more than one child at Rogers Could classrooms do an activity instead of the school? Divide the school by alphabet, not grade level Volunteers We need volunteers - only one for 2nd-grade Muffins with Mom & one for Kids Night Out Asked for ideas from the parents in attendance anyone can volunteer - ask grandparents share that we need help ask teachers to include it in their newsletters talk at curriculum nights Dr. Keenoy to send email remind parents they can still volunteer for parties send Friday eblast earlier in the day, maybe even Thursday evening An Update From Dr. Keenoy thanked RPO board members for their support of Rogers sent a letter to the police sergeant today to thank the police for the help with parking for the Halloween party glad that Rogers still has the Halloween parties because they bring the community together MAP testing results will go home in February District Facilities Committee is forming and Larry Long will be the parent representative for Rogers Kids Vote will be happening at Rogers tomorrow and Monday in the computer lab - ask your student(s) about it Closing Next meeting January 9, 2019, 7 PM
Posted by Lhirth  On Jan 23, 2019 at 10:19 AM
October 11, 2018 7:00-8:00 PM Rogers Elementary School Library 7700 Fine Road, St. Louis, Missouri Introductions and Welcome Students of the Month Kindergarten - Max Alton 1st - Noah Walters 2nd - Alisa Ratkovic 3rd - Charleigh James 4th - Melinda Bajric 5th - Elizabeth Adams Bob Dillon - Author of The Space: A Guide for Educators Designing a Nurturing Learning Environment Intentional classroom design supports all learners, in a time when stress, anxiety, and screen-generated pressures are filling our classrooms, it is essential that teachers, schools, and districts are thinking about how to mold their learning space to leverage high achievement and success. This conversation looks at some of the essential principles of space design and provides an overview of how schools are using this work to build amazing places of learning. Mr. Dillon has worked with many different districts and helps teachers be intentional with the design of their classroom.  He asked questions; why do we need this chair or why is the table there? A space for design knows from research what it takes for kids to love to learn – and enjoy.  Everything is about intentionality, slow down and notice. All kids want to do it move, we can’t expect them to stay in desk. Classrooms should make kids have a sense of wonder, play, curiosity, creative (comes with movement and choice).  They need space for collaboration, space for quiet. The teachers will need to have student/ parent feedback every two weeks. Decorator mindset- there is a point where there is TOO MUCH. Teachers should take pictures and explain what’s going on.  He will be here to help look at the perimeter of the room, floor plan, Verbs of the classroom - Design Build Transform, Everything has an expiration date.   Approval of September’s Minutes – Dana Altenbernd Approved and Jessica North  second Treasurer’s Report and Committee Reports Treasurer- Paula Buchanan   Start of the year $32,700 Currently $42,000 Approved a teacher grant for $180 for the 3rd grade Veterans  Breakfast Fundraising - Linda Hartsell $5000 with the buyout – not the goal Popcorn – fall fundraiser Communications- Lori Tillman Kids Night Out flyer will go home next week 1st-grade Muffins With Mom will be Friday, October 26th School Events- Meredith Alton Trunk or Treat is next week Oct 19 an email will go out this weekend with details and parking spots.   Father/Daughter dance is being worked on. New Business Teachers’ Lounge Update - Amy Henry Design #3 won An email will go out with a teacher “wish” list and sign up will be coming out for families to donate money or time. An Update From Dr. Keenoy Very happy to have Bob Dillan to help out the school with learning spaces Chrome books arrived and Rogers is now 1-to-1 school in grades 1-5.  Everyone is very happy with them. Closing Introduce RPO members Next meeting November 1, 2018, 7 PM
Posted by Lhirth  On Jan 23, 2019 at 10:18 AM
September 12, 2018 7:00-8:00 PM Rogers Elementary School Library 7700 Fine Road, St. Louis, Missouri Introductions and Welcome - all members introduced themselves and their positions, missing was Meredith Alton Ice Breaker - Committee Reports Fundraising- Linda Hartsell Buyout - normally we raise about $10,000 with traditional fundraising $5,500 is what the buyout brought in. Money go towards, tans for field trips, teacher grants, smartboards, 5th grade party. Treasurer- Paula Buchanan   estimated budget for the year. increased the trivia budget because we have added table. main expenses - flexible seating and beautification of Rogers.  We will not be purchasing Chromebooks because the district will be going 1-1 in Jan.  After discussion the little things that the schools need with flexible seating and the beautification will be where the money will be spent. now have venmo and PayPal but they are for RPO only Communications- Lori Tillman muffins with mom’s going out 9/13 Trunk or Treat - Tracy and Denise - first flyer has gone out, making it more of a fall festival and trunk or treat, there will be a DJ, buy a head pizza, lowered the price and added more activities looking for donations - candy, little pumpkins, halloween trinkets for prizes, snacks, capri suns School Events- Meredith Alton-absent was given by Dana race back to Rogers fun run/ 5k in March Muffins with mom kdg muffins with mom 1st trunk or treat look for Rogers Parents who Run the Party facebook page.   Father/Daughter dance - who will be running it? Dads of Rogers- Ron Cipolla - New Business Vote on Fundraiser - Linda Hartsell popcorn - GoPo popcorn out of Columbia MO 30-40% profits back (will not be good to keep for Christmas) BoBo’s fundraising - pizza chocolate (frozen stuff) 40% profits back $ Big booklet with wrapping paper, food, kitchen stuff 30-40% profits back. more variety. items can be shipped to the house.   A vote was done between these 3 and  the popcorn won Adoption of new bylaws Events for the year - We did notice that Queen has Communion that day.   Theme is what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas moved to SMMA on a saturday this year. What would you like get out of these meetings? topics? speakers? sticky notes were at tables incase someone would like to make suggestions An Update From Dr. Keenoy The school is looking toward facilitation more flexible seating and learning spaces- times have changed and so has the look of the classroom, it has evolved.  Rogers wants it done right. Bob Dillon has written and book and came to the school to tour it and make suggestions. Teachers will need to think about how they can make flexible seating help my students learning.  Almost like a library of things that teachers can check out and then see what they like and then ask for those items for their classrooms. Wants to make learning meaning, relatable and relevant! Rogers has conducted some benchmark testing called Masteryconnect - and will retake again later in the school year.   A survey about curric night / open house was sent out and received 114 responses. Most liked having it one night and the transportation.  Most also felt the meet the teacher was long. Later this year there will be a meeting of teachers and parents to come up with plans for next year. Grades 3,4,5 will be having a coding night for only 30 people, if it’s successful they will plan one for kdg-2 for next semester Air Conditioner was out last week but its back up and running. Ready Math - There is a new math resource, it’s just a different way to learn math.  lots of conversations about how you get the answer. Closing Next meeting October 11th, 2018 7 PM
Posted by Lhirth  On Jan 23, 2019 at 10:18 AM
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